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What are the features of Shop&Miles Virtual Card, How can I generate one?

  • You can use your Shop&Miles Virtual  Card for all online purchases that you make in Turkey and abroad*.
  • With Shop&Miles Virtual  Card, you can make purchases even when you don't have money in your account. You can earn miles on your purchases.
  • On the statement date, your accumulated miles will be transferred to the main card that your Virtual Card is linked to.
  • Your purchases will be specified on a separate section of your Shop&Miles Card statement.
  • Depending on your preference, you can pay for the purchases you make from websites abroad in TL or USD.
  • You can keep track of purchases you make with your Shop&Miles Virtual Card through Garanti Internet Banking. You can view your Shop&Miles Virtual Card transactions performed within the current billing cycle under this card, and view the transactions that are performed after the statement date under the credit card that your virtual card is linked to.
  • Your Shop&Miles Virtual Card is created as a supplementary card linked to the card that you have applied with.
  • Shop&Miles Virtual Card is free of charge.
  • You can access the card number, expiration date and security code (CVC2) information that you need to be able to use your Virtual Credit Card through Internet Banking and Alo Garanti.
  • You can cancel your Shop&Miles Virtual Card by calling 444 0 333 Alo Garanti.

To create your Shop&Miles Virtual Card, click on the “Card Applications” section on the Garanti Internet Banking  “Card Transactions” menu. On the screen that comes up, click on the “Virtual Credit Card” section. Select the Shop&Miles Card that you want your Shop&Miles Virtual Card to be linked to and complete your application.

  1. How can I pay my credit card debt automatically?

    You can place an order for the credit card payment to be collected from your account.

  2. How does the limit of my supplementary card determined? Can I lower its limit?

    The supplementary cards and main card have joint limits. The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the main card holder at the time of application.

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