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Is there a fee for the Reflected Bonus Card? How can I apply for it? If I request a Reflected Bonus while I have a Bonus Card, will the number of my old card change?

You can apply for a Reflected Bonus Card through the application forms available at branches, and

If you currently have a Bonus Card, there is a TL 15 visual change fee. If you do not have a Bonus Card, no additional fee is charged for the initial application.

If your current card is a Bonus MasterCard, its number will not change. For our customers with a Bonus Visa Card, a new card number with the MasterCard logo will be provided.

  1. What is the Over-The-Limit Interest?

    The over-the-limit interest is the interest rate that will be applied if you exceed the specified limit of your credit card.

  2. How Can I Get Assistance If a Problem Arises While Using Internet Banking?

    If you need help or want to get detailed information about internet banking, you can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center and press 9 for English, then follow appropriate steps.

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