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How do the interest rate, bonus rate and the card fee affect each other? Is the card fee higher than of the other cards?

The interest rate, bonus rate and the card fee have been determined as interdependent variables. Therefore if you wish, by significantly lowering the interest rate you can have a card with a low bonus rate. You can view the relationship between these variables at website.

Flexi Card does not have a fixed fee. The fee varies according to your bonus and interest rate preferences. Furthermore, for those who make a commitment to spend a certain amount each month, no card fee is charged. Flexi offers flexibility in regards to the card fees as well. If you don't make a commitment to spend a certain amount, the fee is reflected on your first statement.

  1. What are the interest rates for credit cards?

    The purchase interest rate is the monthly net interest rate that will accrue in the case that you pay less than your total debt on the payment due date.

  2. How can I make payments for my supplementary card?

    The supplementary cards, except the Shop&Miles Visa Card, linked to our bank’s credit cards are processed separately from the main card.

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