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How can I access the information in regards to the miles I have used? Who earns the miles if I purchase a ticket in someone else's name? Is there a restriction in regards to using the miles?

You can access this information by logging on to the Miles&Smiles website with your membership number and PIN code and clicking on the “Miles you have used” button on the “Miles Status” page.

Even if you purchase the ticket with your Shop&Miles credit card, if the ticket is in someone else’s name, the miles are recorded in the account of the person who has flown with the ticket.

There is no restriction in regards to the number of flights or the amount of miles that can be accumulated within a period.

  1. When do the miles I earn through my purchases with Shop&Miles entered into my Miles&Smiles membership account? What do I have to do for my miles that haven’t been entered into my account?

    The Shop&Miles miles are automatically recorded in your Miles&Smiles membership account within (2) days following your statement date.

  2. Can I transfer the miles on my supplementary card to my main card?

    The purchases made with the main card and the supplementary card are presented on a single statement.

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