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How can I access my Miles&Smiles account? How can I combine several Miles&Smiles accounts?

You can access your account through the website with your Miles&Smiles membership number and PIN code.

Upon logging on to the Miles&Smiles website with your membership number and PIN code, You can combine your accounts by entering both of your Miles&Smiles membership numbers. Besides internet; you can send the  photocopies of your statements for each of your memberships to the fax numbers +90 212 465 23 63 / 465 23 06, the e-mail address or to Türk Hava Yolları, A.O. Genel Yönetim Binası Ürün Geliştirme Müdürlüğü 7. Kat Atatürk Havalimanı, İstanbul.

  1. When do the miles I earn through my purchases with Shop&Miles entered into my Miles&Smiles membership account? What do I have to do for my miles that haven’t been entered into my account?

    The Shop&Miles miles are automatically recorded in your Miles&Smiles membership account within (2) days following your statement date.

  2. Can I transfer the miles on my supplementary card to my main card?

    The purchases made with the main card and the supplementary card are presented on a single statement.

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