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Where can I make my credit card payments?

  • 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center
  • Garanti BBVA Internet Banking
  • Garanti BBVA ATM
  • Through Automatic Payment order
  • Garanti BBVA branches 
  • Through EFT from other banks 
  • Online PTT branches*
  • Payment Points*

* For payments made through Payment Points and PTT online branches, a transaction fee of TL 1.35 is charged, due for payment on the next statement period.
* The maximum payment that can be done through Payment Points within the same month is TL 20 thousand.
You can find out the Payment Points from this list.

  1. Which information regarding my credit cards can I change or correct via Internet Banking? Can I pay my other bank credit card debt?

    You can make payments for other bank credit cards through the “Card Transactions / Other Bank Cards” step in Internet Banking.

  2. Do I have to make my payments at the same place where I applied for my credit card?

    No. You can pay your card debt through any credit card payment channel.

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