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How are decisions regarding the limits made?

The decisions are made by experts specialized in sectors and geographical regions. The most recent information about the buyer company along with the previously gathered information and the payment  performance are evaluated and decisions are drawn, taking the characteristics of the sector and the geographical region into account as well. The decisions made regarding the buyers along with explanations are sent to the insured parties. If the insured party has solid data that might help change the decision, they may be sent to Coface, requesting the reevaluation of the decision.


  1. What are the advantages of Eureko Insurance service stations?

    You can take advantage of many additional services if you prefer Eureko Insurance service stations.

  2. What happens if I don't purchase compulsory earthquake insurance? What are the risks not covered?

    Compulsory earthquake insurance is required at land registry offices and without this policy, no transactions regarding your property will be conducted.

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