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Which transactions can I perform through ATMs? Can I use it abroad?

You can perform the following transactions with your Paracard

  • Money Withdrawal
    • Money Withdrawal from account
    • Quick Money Withdrawal
  • View Balance
  • Deposit Money
    • Pay Garanti credit card (Bonus, Shop&Miles, Garanti Card and Flexi) debt by entering the card number
    • Deposit money to your own current account
    • Deposit money to someone else’s current account
  • Money Transfer
    • Money Transfer to someone else’s account
    • Send money via Cep Bank
    • Money transfer between accounts
    • E-Purse transactions
  • Investment transactions
    • Foreign Currency transactions
      • Display real time foreign exchange rates
    • Buy and sell foreign currency at special rates. (TL, BEC, CHF, DKK, EUR, SAR, USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, JPY, NOK, SEK)
    • Repo transactions
      • Repo transactions
      • Repo information 
    • Mutual Fund transactions
      • Place Buy and sell orders for mutual funds
      • Query / cancel mutual fund orders
      • Buy and Sell Mutual Funds
      • Display mutual fund portfolio
      • Mutual fund prices
    • Take advantage of the Cash Now service
    • Time Deposit Account transactions
      • Display Time Deposit Account
      • Withdraw money from time deposit account
      • Deposit money into time deposit account
      • Close time deposit account 
      • Open time deposit account
      • Display interest rates (TL, EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, CHF, SEK)
      • Interest rate calculation
  • Card Transactions
    • Account summary
    • Display bonus
    • Pay credit card debt
      • Pay own credit card debt
      • Pay other credit card debt
  • Payments
    • Biletix transactions
    • Top-up counters (Turkcell Prepaid Card, Vodafone, Avea)
    • Bill Payments* (by installation number or contractual utility bill payments)
    • University fee payment**
    • Donations***
    • HSBC credit card payments
    • Games of Chance payments
  • Other transactions
    • Account transactions
      • Open-close current account
      • View current account summary, display IBAN
      • Time deposit account transactions
    • Quick application for Internet Banking and Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center
    • Define quick money withdrawal transaction
    • Update customer information
      • Update mobile phone number
      • Update T.C. Identification Number
    • PIN transactions
      • Get / Change PIN
    • Cep Bank transactions
      • Define Cep Bank
    • Change Cep Bank
      • Cep Bank PIN
      • Open / Close Cep Bank
      • Cep Bank account
      • Cep Bank phone number
    • Cep Bank Shopping
    • Send money via Cep Bank
    • Define Cep Bank limit
      • View /Cancel Cep Bank activity
    • Quick consumer loan application
    • Information services
      • Nearest ATMs
      • ATM addresses
        • Branch codes and addresses
    • Insurance transactions

* Bill payments  that can be carried out through ATMs with card are as below:
Elektricity (Ayedaş, İstanbul Bedaş, Tedaş, Tedaş Online)
Telecommunication  (Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Superonline, Avea, Thuraya, Kablonet, Sabancı Telekom, TelcoTurk, Gisad Telekom, Tellcom, Koç Net, Türksat, Kaya Telekom, Millenicom Telekom, Netone Telekom, Global İletişim)
Natural Gas Payments (İGDAŞ, İzmir Natural Gas, Bursa Natural Gas, Botaş Eskişehir, Agdaş Adapazarı Natural Gas, HSV Kayseri Natural Gas, İnegöl Natural Gas, Armagaz, Çordaş Çorlu Natural Gas, Balıkesir Natural Gas)
Private Company Payments (Digiturk, Schindler Asansör, Digitech, KKTC Turkcell, Tupperware, Gaziantep OSB)
Water Payments (İzmir Water, İstanbul  Water (İSKİ) , Ankara Water (ASKİ), Manisa  Water, Gaziantep  Water, Adapazarı, Alçe, Nazilli, Kütahya, İzmit, Isparta, Bafra, Söke)
** Available for Bilkent, Boğaziçi, Celal Bayar, Çanakkale 18 Mart, Dicle, Doğu Akdeniz, Ege, Erciyes, Galatasaray, Gaziantep, Mustafa Kemal, Muğla, Niğde, ODTÜ, ODTÜ Dormitory Payments, Pamukkale, Pamukkale  University Summer School, Sütçü İmam, TOBB, Uludağ, Adıyaman Universities .
*** 10 Billion Acorns, Turkish Educational Foundation, Turkish Aeronautical Association, History Foundation, WWF, Çekül, Aegean Forest Foundation, Denizyıldızları  Educational Institutions, Boğaziçi University Foundation, Niğde Modern Education Foundation, TEGV – Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, Community Volunteers Foundation, LÖSEV Ankara Foundation for Children with Leukemia, Deniz Feneri Association, Turkish Kızılay Society, Baba Beni Okula Gönder – Scholarship Project, Support for Akut, Kızılay – Support for Palestine and Lebanon 

With your Shop&Miles, Bonus Card, &club, Flexi Garanti Card;

If you have an account linked to your card; You can perform all transactions that can be carried out with Paracard.

Whether or not you have an account linked to your card, you can perform the following transactions;
Withdraw money from cash advance limit
Make payments towards credit card debt by depositing money
View and print credit card statement
View and print credit card current billing cycle debt
Change payment type, display bonus, display limits.

Payments made with envelope deposit can be viewed within 2 days through Current Billing Cycle Transactions.

To view the limit for money withdrawal from Garanti BBVA ATM, please click here.

* The limit in effect for customers who receive their salary payments through our bank
** The daily money transfer limit is maximum TL 10.000.
If your Paracard is linked to your TL current account, you can use it abroad. The daily money withdrawal limit is TL 1.000 abroad.

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