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How can I apply for Auto Loan and what are the required documents?

You can apply for a loan at the nearest Garanti BBVA branch with the documents below.
Application Form (Please click here for the application form)
Original Identity Card (yours and your guarantor's)
If you are self-employed, tax registration certificate, balance sheets and income statements for the last three years (yours and your guarantor's)
If you are a salaried employee, income documents (yours and your guarantor's)
If you are a company owner, documents that show the financial status and the partnership structure of the company.
Pro forma invoice for the vehicle to be purchased.
For our Auto Loan Interest rates, click here.
For Auto Loan Interest and Installment Calculation, click here.

  1. Can I get information about the Auto Loan?

    The maximum term for a TL and foreign currency indexed Auto Loan is 48 months.

  2. Sim kartım bloke olursa ne yapmalıyım?

    Şubesiz kanallardan veya size en yakın şubemizden sadece nüfus cüzdanınızla başvuru yapabilirisiniz.

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