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How can I make payments to my Accumulating Savings Account?

You can make your payments from your current account or with your credit card. If you choose to make payments with your credit card, the regular payments will be charged to your credit card one day before the statement date and no interest or fee will be charged.
You cannot deposit money into your account on dates other than the specified installment dates and in amounts other than the specified installment amounts. If for any reason, the payments become overdue, you can deposit your overdue installments through the "Overdue Installment Payment" step.
If your monthly payments are overdue more than 30 days, your account is automatically closed.

  1. What are the features and advantages of the Accumulating Gold Account?

    Accumulating Gold Account is a current account that enables you to put your savings in gold by making regular purchases. You can regularly save up gold by making payments from your account or with your credit card every month.

  2. How can I view my accounts or credit cards on Internet Banking? What is the time period for which I can view my account activities online? How can I find out the result of my overdraft account application?

    To open your current or time deposit accounts and your credit cards for use in Internet Banking, you need contact the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

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