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        Loans Supported by European Investment Bank

        Take advantage of low interest rates with the loans supported by the European Investment Bank.

        As per the loan agreement signed with the European Investment Bank, our bank offers loans with reasonable interest rates and long terms for projects by small- and medium-sized firms that comply with the terms of the agreement.

        Under the features section, you can find some of the requirements for the companies and their projects pursuant to the agreement signed with the EIB.

        You can visit the nearest branch to get more information about EIB-supported loans.

        • Features

          • Companies with less than 250 employees or a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 3,000 employees can get this type of credit.
          • The maximum total amount of the project of the applicant company may be 25 million Euros, and in this case, a maximum of 12.5 million Euros of the project budget may be financed by EIB.
          • The minimum loan term is 24 months.
          • The company to apply for the loan and their project should be within Turkey.
          • As required by the agreement, companies in certain sectors cannot utilize EIB-supported loans.