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No matter how many employees you have, you can make your salary payments through Garanti BBVA.

Advantages Exclusive to our Salary Institutions!

• You can make your payments more quickly, securely and easily at anytime of the day.
• You can make your salary payments in an encrypted way, keep track of the payments you have made, eliminate the risk of carrying cash, and reduce your accounting burden.
• You can view the salary payments made from your company account all together or in detail.
• You can create a multiple confirmation structure by authorizing more than one user.
• You can view the payment status of the salary payments you have made.
• No account management fee will be collected from the company account used for salary payments.

Advantages Exclusive to your Employees!

• The salary accounts of your employees will be exempt from account management fee throughout the period they receive their salaries.
• Discounted prices for general purpose loans are offered to our salary customers.
• Our customers can take advantage of our multichannel transaction network consisting of our award-winning call center, mobile banking, and internet banking 24/7.

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Garanti BBVA is always here to help you grow your businessGaranti BBVA is always here to help you grow your business

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