Women Entrepreneur Meetings


We are lighting up women entrepreneurs' way.

Based on the belief that women entrepreneurs have different needs, we, as Garanti BBVA SME Banking, have launched the Women Entrepreneur Support Package in 2006 to provide financial and consulting support for women entrepreneurs. With the belief that increasing women entrepreneurs' contributions to economy is a social responsibility, besides providing financial and consulting support, we have been organizing various events in order to contribute to the personal development of women entrepreneurs and to encourage them.

One of the most important events that we organize is the "Turkey's Women Entrepreneur Competition" held since 2007, which aims to uncover the business and social entrepreneurship spirit of women in Turkey and help their numbers reach to levels that exist in developed countries.

Initiated with the belief that the success stories of women entrepreneurs who have courage and vision will encourage other women entrepreneurs as well, the competition, organized with the cooperation of Garanti BBVA and the Ekonomist magazine, attracted 108 applicants in its first year and 806 applicants in the second year. In 2009, in its third year, the competition organized with the contributions of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), attracted over 2000 applicants.

For the competition where the "Social Women Entrepreneur of the Year" is also being selected since last year, women entrepreneurs who reside in Turkey and are majority partners in their companies that has an annual turnover of up to TL 25 million can apply or be nominated.

To get detailed information about the Women Entrepreneur Support Package, you can visit www.garantikadingirisimci.com, contact the nearest Garanti BBVA branch or call 444 56 23 SME Information Line.

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