Have rich crops with the Garanti Agricultural Insurance


The Garanti Agricultural Insurance is by our farmers' side. With this insurance, you can secure your vegetable products in your plantation, greenhouses and livestock against potential risks.

Use the Agricultural Insurance that covers damages and losses that arise from illnesses and accidents, and secure your crop income.

You can purchase the Agricultural Insurance from the nearest Garanti BBVA Branch.

*While Eureko Insurance reserves the right to re-evaluate insurance agreements annually, policies will be renewed for every year at the end of the period upon customer request.

** The Garanti Agricultural Insurance is offered by Eureko Sigorta A.Ş.

  • Coverages and Additional Information

    Hail Insurance

    Provides coverage for the loss in the amount (low yield) of crop produced in open fields such as vineyards and plantations directly caused by hail.

    Additional Coverages

    Upon request;

    • Loss of quality in fruits and vegetables
    • Fire coverage

    The Scope of the Insurance Coverage

    The insurance coverage, unless specified otherwise, includes the main part of the good (fruit, grain etc.). Upon the request of the insurance buyer, bi-products can be included in the coverage, provided they are separately specified in the policy and constitute a certain percentage of the main good.

    The Coverage Amounts of Goods

    • For seedlings, sapling and other goods, the insurance coverage includes the whole good, regardless of their ratios.
    • In green forage plants, the insurance coverage is determined based on the number of reapings.
    • For vineyards, gardens and olive groves, the insurance coverage includes the fruits and olives.
    • In goods with several harvests, the insurance coverage for each harvest is calculated according to the features of the good and specified in the policy.

    Damage Assessment and Payment of Compensation

    Damage Assessment is conducted by the Foundation of Agricultural Insurances. In Hail Insurances, the damage level of insured goods may change until the end of the cultivation period. Therefore, initially, a temporary damage assessment is done by the expert. The absolute damage assessment is done at a specified date close to the harvesting of the good.

    When do the Coverages Start?

    The coverage of the Garanti Agricultural Insurance start from the issuance of the policy and after certain periods of the goods that are being cultivated: The coverage of the Agricultural Insurance start:

    • After the crops germinate and reach soil level
    • After the proliferation of buds in the vineyards
    • After the vegetable seedlings, flower seedlings and fruit sapling turn green
    • After the formation of the first 4 leaves in intertilled crops such as beet and cotton
    • After the fruits lose flowers and form fruit buds

    When do the Coverages End?

    The coverage of the insurance ends by the ending date of the policy and the harvesting of the insured good or the occurrence of damage. Due to the seasonal changes, the harvesting of the good may not be completed by the date specified by the farmer. In such cases, the duration of the coverage must be extended through an addendum.

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