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        Mandatory Traffic Insurance

        Any damages that you may cause to other vehicles or third parties in an accident are covered by mandatory traffic insurance.

        Mandatory traffic insurance is an insurance product required as per the Law on Road Traffic No: 2918.

        You can easily get your insurance via Garanti BBVA Mobile, Internet Banking, or Garanti BBVA branches by filling out the application form.

        Follow these steps to get your insurance quickly via Garanti BBVA Mobile: Applications > Insurance Application. You can also get insured right away via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking if you go to the Applications menu and then the Insurance section.

        Please click to inquire about your traffic insurance.

        *The MandatoryTraffic Insurance is offered by Eureko Sigorta A.Ş.

        • Covers and Additional Information

          • It is valid within the borders of Turkey.
          • Driving vehicles without the Mandatory Traffic Insurance is prohibited.
          • In the case that the driver, while operating the vehicle specified in the policy, causes the death of another person or injury to another person or damage to something, the legal liability of the driver in accordance with the Law on Road Traffic No: 2918 is covered by the mandatory traffic insurance within the policy limits.
          • Auto insurance fees are charged annually.