Credit Card User's Manual


Enjoy your card!

Used as a payment tool by millions of people in our country, credit cards, when used correctly, is much more useful. Accordingly, we have prepared a “Credit Card User’s Manual” for you to use your card more correctly. In our manual, we have included some key points that will help you to use your card correctly and some reminders for your security.

  • What precautions should you take to prevent debt built-up?
  • How many credit cards should you use at most?
  • What should you take into account when choosing your credit card?
  • What are the key points in cash advance use?
  • How should you manage your layaway expenditures?

And by answering many other questions like these, we have listed many points that will help you in using your credit card wisely. We suggest you to take advantage of the Credit Card User’s Manual that we have prepared when you are using your credit card.


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Enjoy your credit card!Enjoy your credit card!