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        Miles&Smiles Business

        Miles&Smiles Business

        Garanti BBVA presents Miles&Smiles Business credit cards for companies with high travel expenses!

        A world full of privileges by Garanti BBVA's Miles&Smiles Business, the official credit card of Turkish Airlines since 2000, is waiting for you.

        With Miles&Smiles Business, the joint and official credit card of Garanti BBVA and Turkish Airlines, you can earn shopping miles for your purchases and buy plane tickets by combining them with your flight miles.

        You are a company with high travel expenses, your purchases* with Miles&Smiles Business credit card earn you flight miles. Thus, you turn your business trips into opportunities and benefit from the exclusive services offered by Miles&Smiles.

        Furthermore, with the Miles&Smiles Business credit card, you can easily keep track of your company expenditures.

        For detailed information, you can call 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center or visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

        *As of 1 August 2010, it is no longer possible to earn miles from insurance and pension premium payments, fund accumulating account payments, Bağ-Kur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self-Employed) premium payments, standing payments, tax payments, automatic bill payments, and cumulative gold account payments.

        • Features

          • With the Miles&Smiles Business credit card, you benefit from an extensive set of additional services in domestic and international flights.
          • You can effectively track your company's travel, accommodation, and oil expenditures, and the like.
          • You earn miles when flying with Turkish Airlines or a Star Alliance member airline. Your flight miles accumulating under your Miles&Smiles TK number, which is your customer number within the THY's Frequent Flyer Program, are combined with your shopping miles and thus enable you to accumulate miles a lot faster.
          • Miles earned for purchases made with Miles&Smiles Business credit card accumulates under the TK number assigned to the cardholder.
          • For flight tickets you purchase at Turkish Airlines sales offices or via or 444 0 849 Turkish Airlines Call Center, you earn 1 mile* against spending 4 TL and make your payments in installments if you wish.
          • You can choose to pay the relevant amount in installments on your mobile phone, oil, and food purchases which is normally not allowed.
          • The minimum amount you need to pay is 25% or 50% of the statement debt.
          • Your card still allows withdrawing cash advance even when you pay less than the minimum payment amount.
          • The regular 15% RUSF (Resource Utilisation Support Fund) is not applied to any incurred interest.
          • We can offer a commercial card to our customers to whom we cannot issue an individual credit card due to the customer's total credit card limit in other banks.
          • You can get your expenditures billed to your company.
          • With the extensive network of MasterCard, you can earn miles everywhere; with American Express®, you can earn up to 2 times more miles at rates varying according to sectors. With American Express, you earn 2x more miles on restaurant, hotel, travel agency, and oil expenditures. In other sectors, on the other hand, you earn 50% more miles.
          • If your THY Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program membership status is Classic Plus, you will earn 25% more miles while shopping, and 50% more miles if you are Elite and Elite Plus.
          • You can convert your accumulated miles into status miles in order to upgrade to a higher status in THY Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program, thus earning more miles while shopping.
          • You may wish to use your miles to either pay landing charges or shop at merchant stores.
          • You can benefit from 10-15% discount with Miles&Smiles Business American Express® at exclusive restaurants/hotels and other contracted brands.
          • You can make quick and easy payments with the Trink feature of your cards and earn miles even on tiny purchases.
          • Monthly mile cap is 15.000 miles for customers whose Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program status is Classic, 25.000 miles for Classic Plus, 35.000 miles for Elite/Elite Plus from Turkish Airlines ticket purchases and shopping spendings for Miles&Smiles Garanti BBVA credit cards.

          *Regarding flight tickets bought via Turkish Airlines sales channels, the reward is 1 mile for spending 4 TL for all Miles&Smiles credit card holders; the mile acquisition does not vary depending on Miles&Smiles American Express and THY Frequent Flyer Program status. 1 mile for spending 4 TL does not apply to tickets purchased via travel agencies, it only targets flight tickets purchased via THY sales channels.

          **It applies to customers except for the ones that are taxed over their accounting books kept by single entry.

          With the miles you earn from your flights, your THY Frequent Flyer status gets upgraded, you earn more miles while shopping and benefit from privileges during your flight and while waiting at the airport.