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        Virtual Card

        With Virtual Card, your online shopping is safer than ever.

        If you want to shop online but don’t feel secure, you can use Garanti BBVA Virtual Credit Cards. You can set the limit of your Virtual Credit Card yourself and use it for risk-free telephone or internet shopping.

        When you want to shop online, you should first make a money transfer from any one of your accounts to your Garanti BBVA Virtual Card. Garanti BBVA Virtual Card's limit will not exceed the amount deposited to the card by you. You can transfer the remaining amount back to your account once you finish shopping with your Garanti BBVA Virtual Card.

        You can immediately create your Virtual Card through the Card Applications menu on Garanti BBVA Internet Banking and start using it right away.

        If you are a corporate customer, you can get your Garanti BBVA Internet/Mobile Banking password by visiting the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

        BonusFlaş allows you to take control of your Virtual Card details, payments, and campaigns in a single application. Install BonusFlaş now!

        • Features

          Virtual Card provides complete security for both the buyer and the seller:

          • You don’t pay an annual card fee for Garanti BBVA Virtual Card.
          • Garanti BBVA Virtual Card enables you to enjoy discounts when shopping at many virtual stores.
          • It has been developed by Garanti BBVA to ensure complete security for both the buyer and the seller.
          • Even if the limit of your Virtual Card is "0", you may receive a certain charge on your credit card after making trial purchases in accordance with transaction limits defined for merchants as per Visa and Mastercard rules and varying among the countries. If you receive such charges on your virtual credit card, the transaction amount may be refunded to you on the condition that you communicate your appeal to us via Internet Branch / Garanti BBVA Mobile within 30 days of the transaction date at the latest.