Net Savings Account

Saving in Turkey is this NET for the first time


We tell your net income at maturity beforehand, so you know the amount of savings you will have for the term you have calculated. For those who want to save with the Net Savings Account, we offer different income opportunities in line with different opening and standing payment amounts according to their income, saving ability and saving habits.

Furthermore, you can access your account when you need to while building up your savings. You can withdraw and deposit money within the term, and continue to earn money while doing these.

You can open your Net Savings Account via Internet Banking Accounts and Products menu, Account Opening step, Net Savings Account option.

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If you don’t have an account at Garanti BBVA yet, all you have to do to open an account is to visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch

  • Features

    Your Net Savings Account options:


      Monthly Savings (TL) Savings Period (months) Target Savings (TL) Net Income (TL) Total Savings (TL)
    1 100


    1.800 125 1.925


    125 24 3.000 250



    250 24 6.000 500 6.500


    500 24 12.000 1.000 13.000


    1.000 18 20.500 1.500 22.000

    * The opening amount of Account 5 is 2.500 TL.

    Account Opening Amount: The opening amount specified for the account.

    Term: Daily. The term automatically extends on a daily basis as long as the account is not closed.

    Value Date: None. Interest accrues daily on the balance as of the account opening date.

    Interest Rate:

    • Daily Interest: At the time of account opening, the interest rate valid for the account selected is fixed throughout the savings period. Throughout the term, the account automatically extends at the fixed rate on a daily basis.
    • Additional Interest and Conditions of Interest Accrual: At the time of account opening, the interest rate valid for the account selected is fixed. At the maturity of the savings period, if the target savings amount is reached, the additional interest is accrued to the account.

    Standing Payment:

    Standing payment amounts are different for each account. The monthly payment amounts specified for the accounts are lower limits, and  payment orders above these amounts can be placed.

    Standing payments are collected from your selected TL current account or credit card on a monthly basis. If you don’t have sufficient balance in your account at the relevant date, partial collection is made. The lower limit for partial collection is 50 TL. Partial payments cannot be made from credit card.

    Money Deposit, Withdrawal: Money can be deposited to or withdrawn from the account anytime.

    Savings Period: Savings ending date is determined by adding the standing payment period to the first standing payment date.

    Net Income: The sum of daily interest and additional interest income. The net income of the account may be different from the net income specified  for the account according to the opening and standing payment amounts determined at the time of account opening, standing payment date, and the first standing payment date. Additionally, the net income may change in the cases specified below:

    • If money is withdrawn from the account during the savings period, the net income of the account will decrease.
    • If the specified monthly standing payments are not made or made partially, the net income of the account will decrease.
    • If money is deposited to the account apart from the standing payment dates and amounts, the net income of the account will change.

    Account Closure: The product extends on a daily basis unless the total amount in the account is withdrawn or the account is closed. The account will not be closed in case of partial money withdrawal or deposit.

    Maturity Date: The accounts that have matured will not be closed, and will continue to accrue daily interest. In accounts that have matured, additional interest is not offered as of the maturity date.

    Sample Account (Account 4)

    • Opening Date: 01.01.2012
    • Opening Amount: None
    • Standing Payment Amount: 500 TL
    • Standing Payment Starting Date: 01.02.2012 (starting date + one month)
    • Account Maturity Date: The account will accrue daily interest until 01.02.2013. On 01.02.2013, the account will be checked to determine whether or not the total target savings amount in the account totals to at least the sum of the opening amount and the standing payments amounts for the additional interest accrual decision.
    • Target Savings Amount: (500*24) = 12.000 TL. Total savings totals to 13.000 TL including the additional interest accrual.
    • Account Net Income: 1.000 TL
    • Total Savings: 13.000 TL

    Variance of net income: If, during the savings period, the customer has withdrawn money from the account, deposited money to the account apart from the opening and standing payment dates and amounts, failed to make standing payments or paid them partially, and has not determined the first standing payment date to be 30 days after the advance payment date, the income that will be obtained will be different from the net income specified.

    With the unique features of the NET Savings Account, you can easily save, and fulfill your goals with your savings. You will love the NET Savings Account as you use it. So, what are these unique features?

    • You can save both from your credit card and your account.You don’t have to check your account to see whether or not you have money. If you wish, you can turn your credit card into a savings tool. If you select your credit card for your monthly NET Savings Account accumulations, you can regularly save without the need to track your balance. Furthermore, you don’t pay any commissions for this transaction.
    • You know the NET income that you will receive through your savings beforehand. You determine your monthly savings amount yourself and know the NET income you will receive through your savings beforehand. By accessing your account details anytime you want, you can easily view the amount you have saved and your daily NET income.
    • NET Savings Account is just like a smart piggy bank, you can add money anytime you want.NET Savings Account is just like a piggy bank, you can deposit additional money to your account anytime you want. Furthermore, you get additional NET income over the amount you have added.
    • You can withdraw your money along with the accumulated savings anytime you want. If you urgently need cash, you can withdraw the money in your NET Savings Account along with the savings accumulated up to that day without any deductions.
    • You can change your regular savings amount according to your current needs. You can increase your regular savings amount up to 5 fold, thus your NET income also increases. If you have difficulty saving with the package you have selected, we advise you to select a new package with a lower amount among the different packages we offer, so that you can continue saving even in a smaller amount.
    • You can easily track your savings, and we encourage you to save. Throughout your saving plan with the NET Savings Account, you can access all the information regarding your account anytime you want  through our Branches, as well as Internet Banking and 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center. Additionally, we inform you in the event that your savings are disrupted or partially executed, thus you can make up for the deficit and resume your plan without interruptions. We also share the status of your savings periodically by sending e-mail and SMS. All these notifications are free, and all you have to do is to update your contact information. 
    • When your plan is completed, you can start saving again with the NET Savings Account. When the savings period ends, we inform you by e-mail and SMS, and tell you the amount you have saved and NET income you have received. As long as you don’t close your account, your savings continue to grow even after the maturity of the savings period.

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