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        TL Current Account

        Open your Garanti BBVA account now without going to the branch!

        You can use your TL Current Account for all your banking transactions such as money withdrawal, remittance, EFT, card payments, bill payments, and regular payments. Along with your TL Current Account, you can also take advantage of the Overdraft Account that meets your immediate cash needs and the ELMA Account that automatically turns your funds in the current account into investment.

        • You can access your TL Current Account via Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet Banking, Garanti BBVA ATMs, 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, and other banks’ ATMs 24 hours a day.
        • You can open a TL Current Account from the Account and Card menu on Garanti BBVA Mobile.
        • If you don’t have an account at Garanti BBVA yet, you can become our customer via Garanti BBVA Mobile, without going to the branch, and then open your account instantly.
        • Advantages

          • When you open a TL Current Account, you automatically get a Paracard Bonus debit card.
          • You can withdraw and deposit cash from Garanti BBVA ATMs and other banks' ATMs anytime you want.
          • Without having to carry cash on you, you can pay for your purchases with your Paracard and also earn bonus.
        • Fees

          Account Management Fees

          Products Accounts in Domestic Branches Accounts in Cyprus Branches
          TL Current 0 TL* 170 TL
          FX Current 0 TL* 170 TL

          *Regarding FX current accounts, the exact fee equivalent to 170 TL will be determined at the time of fee collection according to the most recent exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Turkey.

          BITT is included. The account management fee is collected twice a year, in 6-month periods. All current accounts that are opened in Cyprus (Northern Cyprus) and do not meet the exemption criteria are subjected to and thus have to pay the account management fee.

          Account Statement Fee Individual Customers & Shareholders & Sole Traders SME and Commercial Legal Entity Accounts
          TL Current Account Statement*     5.85 TL 5 TL
          FX Current Account Statement* 0.45 EUR 2 EUR

          *Statements are sent upon the customer's request.

          The account management fee is charged twice a year (in January and July). For payments that cannot be collected in January and July, the collection of the account management fee can be made on a partial basis by checking the account balance in other months.

          The account management fee for the first half of the year is collected starting from July in the same year.

          The account management fee for the second half of the year is collected starting from January in the following year.

          No account management fee will be collected from the accounts meeting the exemption criteria specified hereinbelow. The accounts that you don’t want to use can be closed before the fee collection date without any additional cost. The account closure can be performed through Garanti BBVA branches, Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, and Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center.

          No account management fee is collected from the accounts having the features specified below:

          • Current accounts to which the salaries of our customers are deposited through a salary agreement.
          • Accounts from which companies make their employees' salary payments.
          • Current accounts from which customers give two or more automatic bill payment orders and bills are automatically paid. (In order for the account to be exempted from the management fee, all bills associated with each automatic payment order should be paid automatically or by the customer in a timely manner before the automatic payment date throughout the relevant period. At the end of the relevant account management period, there should still be at least two automatic bill payment orders linked to the account. The period between January 1 – June 30 is taken into consideration for the account management fee that is due in July, and the period between July 1 – December 31 is taken into consideration for the account management fee that is due in January.) SSA (SGK) premium payment orders will also be handled like bill payment orders, and so the same exemption rules apply.
          • Current accounts that are opened in the last month.
          • Current accounts showing no activity throughout the account management period.
          • Current accounts at Private Banking and Malta branches that belong to Private Banking customers.
          • Current Gold Accounts.
          • Accounts for the payment of non-performing loans that have been restructured (change of payment plan or issuance of new loan).
          • Accounts with a total of 30 check or 30 promissory note movements upon submission to the bank for collection or as security during the period covered by the account management fee.

          If the account management fee collection program is initiated but the following situations are observed, then the fee collection shall be temporarily suspended, and the relevant fees shall be collected once the related payments are made.

          • Accounts for which there are 5 business days or less until the last payment date of a bill payment order (applies to accounts that do not enjoy the automatic bill payment).
          • Accounts for which there are 5 business days or less until the execution of a regular payment order.
          • Accounts for which there are 5 business days or less until the execution of a private school tuition payment order.
          • Repayment accounts for which there are 5 business days or less until the loan installment payment (Loans with overdue installments are also considered as pending payments, and the account management fee will be reflected after the payment is made).

          The exemption criteria specified above are determined by the Bank and may be updated in the future.