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        ELMA Deposit Account

        Open an ELMA Deposit Account, earn more with your money!

        The ELMA Deposit Account charges overnight ELMA deposit interest on the balance of your TL Current Account, within certain limits, while you continue making your payments.

        With the ELMA Deposit Account that you can easily open via Garanti BBVA Mobile or Internet, you can keep on earning more while quickly performing your banking transactions without losing time.

        • By use of the ELMA Deposit Account, you can make your regular payments such as bills and credit card debt, give automatic payment orders for relevant debts, and deposit/withdraw money.
        • For our retail banking customers, the minimum limit for ELMA TL Current Deposit Account is 10,000 TL. Overnight ELMA deposit interest is accrued over the part beyond the minimum limit in your account. When you have incoming funds to your account or your salary is deposited, the ELMA Deposit Account accrues overnight deposit interest on your account balance, and thus your money increases in value.
        • Features

          • When it is time for your regular payments such as rent, installment, electricity, or telephone bill, all are automatically paid with your money in the ELMA Deposit Account.
          • While your money increases in value in the ELMA Deposit Account, you can withdraw cash whenever you wish.
          • You can use your balance that increases in value with the overnight ELMA Deposit interest for all your payments and cash needs for 24 hours via Garanti BBVA Mobile, Internet, ATMs, 444 0 333 Customer Communication Center, or our branches.
          • Interest is accrued over the part of your account balance beyond 10,000 TL in your ELMA TL Current Deposit Account.
        • Interest Rate

          • The interest rate applied on the ELMA Deposit Account is %5 and the interest rate may be changed.