Goal Tracker

Fulfill your dreams


With the Goal Tracker, by selecting a category from among many categories and determining the starting/ending dates and the monthly payment amount, you can start saving right away. You can track your savings progress through the Goal Tracker area that appears in the Internet Banking Dashboard Current State step.

You too can add value to your money and fulfill your dreams by immediately defining a Goal Tracker for yourself.

To define your Goal Tracker, you can immediately log in to Internet Banking, determine your goal through the Dashboard Goal Tracker step and start saving!

  • Features and Benefits

    • The Goal Tracker enables you to save towards your goal, between 3-12 months, without a lower or upper limit.

    • The Goal Tracker earns overnight interest for the balance in the account every night.
    • If your goal is completed and no money is withdrawn from the savings goal account during this period, an additional retroactive interest is also earned in addition to the overnight interest accrued.

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