Floating Rate Time Deposit

When making long-term investments, would you also like to take advantage of the increase in the interest rates?

If you making long-term investments with your savings but still want to benefit from the daily interest rate advantages, you can open a Floating Rate Time Deposit Account. The Floating Rate Time Deposit Account is opened with a 1-year term, and based on your preference, the interest rate is renewed every month or every 3 months in line with the prevailing bank interest rates.

You can keep track of your account through Internet Banking or 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center.

To open a Floating Rate Time Deposit Account, you can visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Opened in TL with a 1-year term.
    • Based on your interest rate preference, renewed every month or every 3 months in line with Garanti's prevailing interest rate.
    • Based on your preference, interest is paid once a month or once every months and the accrued interest is transferred to your relevant TL Current Account.
    • The minimum limit to open an account is 500 TL.

    If you close your account before its maturity, the interest amount paid since the account opening date is deducted from your principle and your account is closed without any interest payments for the remaining amount.

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