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Real Estate

Full details about all of the real estate properties offered for sale by our bank that used to be available only through our branches can now be accessed via the Garanti BBVA Real Estate Properties Search Engine. To locate properties which are up for sale and which best suit your needs, just select one or more of the options below. Or if you wish you can just list and view all of them.

Sale prerequisites

Garanti BBVA is not subject to the rules of the State Tenders Regulations. For this reason, it is at liberty to sell or not to sell any properties that it offers for sale at whatever price it may determine.

The base selling prices that are indicated are for informational purposes only and are not binding. The actual selling price will be determined on the basis of offers. Our bank may change its real estate property selling prices at any time and as it may deem to be fit in line with current economic conditions.

These base selling prices are quoted on a cash-down basis. Purchases may be supported by a loan from our bank but in such cases our bank’s normal lending procedures will be followed. Requests for such purchases will be taken into consideration and processed by our bank’s credit allocation units and within the framework of our usual credit-disbursement rules.

All of the details provided here about the properties offered for sale are for informational purposes only and none of them are legally binding. Anyone who submits an offer will be deemed to have actually seen the current circumstances of the property (including but not limited to tenancy, occupancy, damage, shareholding interests, zoning regulations, location, measurements, title, etc), to have liked them, and to have accepted them and to have agreed in advance not to assert any claims or objections to our bank on such grounds as shortcomings, faults, discrepancies, or the like.

Please contact us for further information or to submit offers.

Purchase offers may be submitted in writing to any domestic or international branch, representative office, or regional office of our bank or to the Procurements and Real Estate Department / Real Estate Service or by filling out the Offer Form on this page.

For more detailed information about any of these properties, please contact Garanti BBVA Procurements and Real Estate Department / Real Estate Service.

The Garanti BBVA Real Estate Service’s phone numbers are 212 318 2040, 212 318 2048, 212 318 2057, and 212 318 2058. You may also contact the service by fax on 212 356 7913.