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        Talent and Culture Policies

        Create your success story at Garanti BBVA!

        • Learning and Development at Garanti BBVA

          The high performance and career development of Garanti BBVA employees, as well as the Bank’s sustainable performance, are supported through training solutions that are tailored to personal needs and competencies.

        • Achievement Award Programs

          With the belief that the performances and efforts of our employees need to be recognized, we have developed an "Achievement Program" to express our appreciation and to evaluate their achievements based on more concrete and comprehensive criteria.

        • Corporate Sharing

          We are the Garanti BBVA family.

        • Wage Policy and Bonus System

          Higher quality of life for everyone is important for us.

        We give the greatest importance to our most valuable resource, the human capital.

        The most important key to Garanti BBVA's success is human capital. Therefore, at Garanti BBVA, the Talent and Culture Department has a strategic role. With a proactive and creative approach, the department is actively involved in the decision making process of our bank. The Talent and Culture  Department, in line with Garanti BBVA’s objectives and by working in cooperation with other units, conducts success-oriented modern talent anc culture programs.

        Employees create their own career plans

        Every employee at Garanti BBVA is the leader of his/her job. As a result of competency and performance evaluations that they receive, they define, plan and manage their own career goals together with their managers. Through this process, Garanti BBVA also develops its managers from within.

        Goal-Oriented Management and Performance Evaluation

        Open performance evaluation is based on concrete and measurable goals, and thus very objective. In line with the bank’s goals determined at the beginning of the year, employees, together with their managers, determine objectives that suit their jobs. Through the year, these objectives are followed and necessary changes are made. At the end of the year, they are compared against the realized objectives and the performance level is determined. The performance levels of people who work at Garanti BBVA enable them to create their own career plans and nominate themselves for various positions, while also having an effect on their salaries.

        Qualification-based Career Development

        Yetkinlikler, seçme ve yerleştirme kriterlerinin oluşturulması, kariyer fırsatları, terfiler, proje ekipleri gibi çeşitli açık pozisyonlar için uygun kişilerin tespitinde önem taşır. Determination of education and development needs, education programs and creation of career plans form the basis of all Talent and Culture  Management Systems.

        Create your success story at Garanti BBVA!

        Career Opportunities Program

        For open positions within our bank, the priority is given to the bank employees. The positions and required qualifications for these positions are announced to the employees through the Career Opportunities Bulletin. Candidates who find themselves suitable for these positions can apply without getting approval from their managers or anyone else. Candidates who fir this criteria are notified and invited to enroll in the selection process.

        Promotion at Garanti BBVA is directly related to success. Authority brings along responsibility and salary increase. To move up to a higher position, one must possess the knowledge and experience required for that position. Nevertheless, the most important factor is the performance level. Careers at Garanti BBVA are not limited to the positions in banking. Transfer between other Garanti BBVA subsidiaries is also possible.

        360 Degree Feedback Process

        Garanti BBVA implements a 360 Degree Evaluation Process once a year to determine the strengths and development areas of Regional, Unit and Branch Managers in terms of managerial qualifications and to contribute to their professional and personal developments. After the implementation, our managers are provided with one-to-one feedback regarding their strengths and areas that they need to improve and awareness about these awareness is created.

        Assessment & Development Center

        The Assessment & Development Center Implementation aims to reveal the strengths, development areas and potential areas of our Branch Manager Candidates in terms of their qualifications and to prepare them for management positions. After the assessment, the candidates are provided with feedback regarding their strengths, development areas and potential areas. Every candidate that goes through the assessment process undergo certain training programs in line with their development areas.

        IIP (Investors In People) Certificate

        After receiving the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate, Garanti BBVA, with its quality-oriented philosophy, has become the first Turkish organization to have achieved Investors in People Gold accreditation (IIP - the only international standard in the world to certify the quality of companies’ HR practices) for the second time. Garanti BBVA was awarded the IIP certificate in 2005, the Silver certificate in 2009 and the Gold certificate in 2012 as the first Turkish company.

        Garanti BBVA, with the belief that the most important factor in its success is the human resource, is continuing with its investments to enhance the qualifications and skills of its employees.
        With this award Garanti BBVA sustained its commitment in employee centric management and banking approach, its perfection standards and promise to invest in employees to achieve higher performance.