AboutGaranti BBVA

About Garanti BBVAGaranti BBVA: Turkey’s pioneering and innovative bank

Specialized Garanti BBVA branches that offer the exact products and services that you need

Our branch organization

  • Corporate Branches are set up to provide specialized portfolio services to major multinationals and to large firms that are active in international markets.
  • Commercial Branches focus on providing specialized portfolio services to medium to large firms that are active in Turkey and/or other countries.
  • SME Branches supply the full range of banking products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises, commercial concerns, and their owners.
  • Retail Branches concentrate on offering portfolio services to individual customers who wish to take advantage of an extensive range of banking products and financial advisory services.
  • Satellite Branches provide the full range of banking products and services as a localized extension of a primary branch.
  • Free Zone Branches handle all of the specialized transactions required by firms that operate in or through free zones.
  • Investment Centers deliver specialized services to customers who are interested in investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds, and T-bills.
  • Private Banking Branches employ personnel who provide high net worth individuals with customized banking products and investment advisory services.