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The Group Pension Plans are pension plans that provide employees with the opportunity to raise their life standards by obtaining additional income for their retirement through small savings that they build up during their active employment. The plans offer your employees the same individual benefits available in individual pension plans with more advantageous conditions.

With the Group Pension Plan that institutions (Employers, Associations, Foundations) enroll on behalf of their employees, everyone at the institution becomes happy. In the Group Pension Plan, while institutions can make contribution payments on behalf of the employees and members, they can also arrange for the employees/members to come together and create a group pension plan without the contribution of the institution. Thus, with advantageous tax deductions, the institutions help their members and employees raise the income they will receive in their retirement.

The plans for which the legal entities make contribution payments on behalf of the employees are called Employer Group Pension Plans, and the plans for which the employees make payments by forming a group are called Participant Individual Pension Plans.

The Group Pension plan is issued to include at least 10 people. If the number of participants is less than 10, the pension plans that cover all the employees/members of the relevant institution are also included within its scope.

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Garanti BBVA Group Pension advantages are waiting for you.Garanti BBVA Group Pension advantages are waiting for you.

Group Pension

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