Partner Payment Page


With the Partner Payment Page, let Garanti BBVA take care of your payment transactions.

The Partner Payment Page is offered by Garanti BBVA to merchant partners who have an online sales infrastructure on their websites but lack the secure payment page that the credit card information is entered.

If you do not want to host a payment page on your infrastructure, if the hosting company is not providing necessary conditions or if your technical facilities are insufficient, the Secure Partner Payment Page is just the thing for you.

With the Secure Partner Payment Page:

  • You can use the Garanti Virtual POS without making any adjustments on the server that your virtual store is being hosted.
  • You do not have to obtain the SSL certificate.
  • As the maintenance and security of the Secure Partner Payment Page is provided by Garanti BBVA, you don't have to engage in additional work.

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We offer the most effective payment system solutions to virtual merchants. We offer the most effective payment system solutions to virtual merchants.

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    The supplementary cards and main card have joint limits. The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the main card holder at the time of application. Find out more

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