Arm-In-Arm Leasing

Offer different alternatives with Arm-In-Arm Leasing and earn more.

Arm-In-Arm Leasing is a joint program that brings together Garanti Leasing and companies who want to offer their customers alternative financing packages for the products and services they sell in order to increase market share.

Any company that sells leasable goods or equipment and wants to increase its market share can join the program.

To find out about Arm-In-Arm Leasing, you can click the Vendor Login link or send an e-mail to

  • Features and Benefits

    • Garanti Leasing offers your customers an alternative and flexible financing method.
    • When you enroll in the system, you can formulate your price proposals via the system yourself.
    • With the long-term cooperation established through the system, customer satisfaction increases and customer loyalty is ensured.
    • You can take advantage of special projects developed in line with your company structure and sales strategies.
    • Within the scope of cooperation with the customers, Garanti Leasing speeds up the transactions through special pricing and terms.
    • Garanti Leasing offers flexible payment plans in line with the cash flow structure of the sector in which the customers operate.
    • The synergy and long-term relationship established between the vendor and the leasing company help prevent potential drops in your sales figures in times of economic crisis.  

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