Financial Advantages


Lease your fleet, come out better off

No lump-sum cash outflow

When you lease the vehicles in your company fleet, instead of purchasing them, you don’t have to pay for the entire cost of the vehicle.

Furthermore, you don’t need to utilize an additional financing method. Thus, with the financial benefit you obtain through leasing, you can use your cash in growing your business.

More beneficial than purchasing

By leasing your fleet instead of purchasing it, you’ll be much better off based on the Net Present Value Calculation. As you won’t have to deal with the sale of your existing vehicles when its time to renew your fleet, you won’t be hurt by the used vehicle values. Furthermore, you won’t need additional human resource for the management of your vehicle fleet. 

Fixed lease payments

You can have a lease agreements with terms up to 48 months and fixed lease payments in TL, Euro or USD. You can track your future-dated lease payment outside your balance sheet. As your vehicle values will appear as assets with no returns, your company’s financial ratios will be healthier.

In the case that you purchase your vehicle, the VAT will be added to its cost, therefore it can not be used as deductible VAT. On the other hand, if you lease the vehicle, the total VAT on the lease agreement can be used as deductible VAT. In the case that you purchase the vehicle, the motor vehicle tax is considered as non-admitted expense, however when you lease, it can be treated as an expense and deducted from your tax.

By leasing your fleet, you can take advantage Garanti Fleet Management’s group purchase discounts and receive dependable fleet management service at predetermined standards.

To start benefiting from the advantages of Garanti Fleet, you can contact the nearest Garanti BBVA branch, Garanti Leasing Regional Offices or the Garanti Fleet Management Headquarters.

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