Fixed Rate Mortgage

For those who don't want their monthly installments to change, so that they know how much they will have to pay each month...


With the Fixed Rate Mortgage, the amount of your installments never change, they always stay the same. You just determine the term that you want, and easily own the home of your dreams with suitable interest rates.
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  • Overview

    • The loan can be taken out in TL.
    • The maximum term is 240 months.
    • You can determine the payment plan that best suits you.
    • The Fixed Rate Mortgage interest rate in effect at Garanti BBVA at the time the mortgage is issued will be applied.
    • In case of early payment in Fixed Rate Mortgages, 2% of the early payment amount is charged as the early payment fee.
      It can only be used by natural entities for the purchase of a residential property.
    • Pledging the purchased property satisfies the collateral requirement.
    • While a guarantor is not required in general, our branches reserve the right to demand one, if they find necessary.
    • Up to 75% of the appraisal value of the property to be purchased can be financed through mortgage.
  • Interest Rates

    Product Loan Amount Term Interest Rate Total Cost Annual Cost Rate
    Fixed Rate Mortgage80.000,00 TL36 Months% 1,361.510,00 TL% 19,19
    80.000,00 TL60 Months% 1,361.510,00 TL% 18,62
    80.000,00 TL120 Months% 1,361.510,00 TL% 18,20
    80.000,00 TL240 Months% 1,361.510,00 TL% 18,02

    Last Update : 16/07/2020 17:56

    * The Fixed Rate Mortgage Monthly and Annual Cost Rates are calculated for a TL 80.000 loan. The insurance fees are not included in the calculation.

  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    Will there be any changes in the loan application / evaluation process within the scope of the new law?

    With the new law, banks must present a Pre-Agreement Information Form ("SÖBF") to the consumers.

    Find out moreWhat will be the interest rates of the loans within the scope of the new law?

    The law does not determine an interest rate nor does it contain a subvention mechanism that would lead to a drop in the interest rates in the short run.

    Find out moreHow can I apply for mortgage and what are the required documents?

    You can apply for a loan at the nearest Garanti BBVA branch with the documents.

    Find out moreWhat are the conditions of the loans that are available to consumers within the scope of this law?

    The law sets out standard conditions (loan to appraisal value ratio, terms, property features) for consumers regarding these loans.

    Find out more

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