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There are many different ways to own your own home. By Garanti BBVA, the Mortgage Expert.

Mortgage Products

Fixed Rate Mortage

Know how much you will pay each month... Find out more

Personalized Payment

If your income varies in certain periods of the year... Find out more

Interim Payment Mortgage

If you are receiving bonus payments or additional income in certain periods... Find out more

Shrinking Payment

Higher installments at the start and lower in the following periods. Find out more

Graduated Mortgage

Have low loan installment payments that will gradually increase every year as you determine.... Find out more

Variable Rate Mortgage

If you are anticipating that the interest rates will fall in the upcoming period... Find out more

Home Equity Loan

For those who want to put up a home they own as collateral, and take out a loan like a mortgage... Find out more

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The easiest way to own a house!

The easiest way to own a house!