Garanti e-Pension

Pension via internet, at Garanti BBVA

Now, with Garanti e-Pension, it is very easy and advantageous to sail towards a happy retirement!

You can immediately apply for Garanti e-Pension via internet by using your Garanti BBVA credit card, without having to go to a branch, and start benefiting from exclusive advantages of the plan. When you enroll in the Private Pension System through this plan, you don't have to pay the admission fee required in the standard plans. What's more, you can earn extra bonus on payments you make with your Bonus or Flexi credit card and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension plan to enhance your pension savings.

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    You may start your membership in the system by selecting the e-Pension Plan, with a monthly contribution of TL 90.

    *Collected over your standing contribution payments. The fee gradually decreases as your contribution amount increases

    While building up your savings, by trusting Garanti’s success in the investment field, you can have a personalized fund distribution based on your risk and return preferences and the currency that you want to invest in.

    In the Garanti e-Pension Plan, there are 15 different pension funds that contain different investment instruments of various risk categories for different risk perceptions.

    If you wish, you can also choose a different strategy from the one determined according to the result of the Risk-Return Profile Form, or create a new strategy for yourself.

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