Internet Banking Transactions


Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, the fastest way to perform Private Pension transactions!

You can easily perform your transactions through the Insurance and Pension menu, Pension Application step on Internet Banking.

Through this step you can have a new agreement issued, choose the agreement that you want to take action with and make your contribution payments, view your agreement and fund information, and access your statement. If you wish, you can also change your contribution amount and your payment method. 

Garanti e-Pension Application

Through this step, by determining the fund distribution that best suits you, the account or the credit card through which you will make your contribution payments and the payment period, you can create your Pension Agreement. What’s more, you don’t have to pay an admission fee!

Change Contribution Amount

By using this step, you can change your contribution amount. All you have to do is to enter the new contribution amount, currency and the payment period that you want.

Change Payment Method

By using this step, you can determine one of your Garanti BBVA accounts or credit cards as the payment method for your contribution payments.


If you want to enhance your savings for your retirement, you can make extra contribution payments by using this step.

Agreement Details

By using this step, you can reach the information regarding your Private Pension Agreement, view your total savings and display your future payment periods through the “View Payment Periods” step.

Account Statement

Through this step, you can access your account table and payment information.

Account Table:  You can view the account table for the period that you want by entering the date interval as starting and ending dates.

Payment Information: By using this step, you can view your already made payments and your payments pending authorization. Additionally, you can access your payment documents, e-payment documents and digitally signed e-payment documents, and view the details of the payments that you have made.

Payment Detail: Through the Payment Detail step, you can reach information regarding the deductions on your payment, the amount channeled to investment and the funds that this amount is invested in.

Investment Bulletin

By using this step, you can reach the total amount, price and return information of the funds purchased within your pension plan.

Fund Prices

By using this step, you can view the price information of the funds within your pension plan for the date interval that you select. Through the Past Fund Prices option, you can view the past performance of your funds.

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Have you thought about your retirement? We did for you!Have you thought about your retirement? We did for you!

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • Can I change the pension company?

    Yes. If you are not happy with the pension plan you have chosen and the return generated through the pension investment funds, you may change your pension company whenever you wish after your 1 year is up with the pension company which you have entered into an agreement or 1 year after your last change of company. Find out more

  • How does the system work?

    To enroll in the Private Pension System, you may enter into an agreement with any pension company you wish. Find out more

  • What is the Private Pension System?

    The Private Pension System is a special pension system that enables you to safely build up savings and turn these savings into an investment. Find out more

  • What will happen to my status and contribution payments in the existing social security system?

    Enrollment in the Private Pension System will not affect your status in the social security institution that you are affiliated with. Find out more