Foreign Currency Transfer (SWIFT)


The fast and easy way to transfer foreign currency, from Garanti BBVA.

By using the Foreign Currency Transfer (Swift) step on Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, you can easily perform your foreign currency transfer transactions to banks in Turkey and abroad. Also, if you want to receive foreign currency transfers to your account from abroad, all you have to do is to give our bank’s swift code TGBATRISXXX, your name-surname and your account number to the person who will be performing the foreign currency transfer.

How to perform a Swift transaction via Internet Banking

To perform your Foreign Currency (SWIFT) transaction, you have to enter;

  • To perform a Foreign Currency Transfer (Swift) transaction:
  • You have to enter your foreign currency account from which you will perform the foreign currency transfer (Swift),
  • Your TL account from which the transaction fee will be collected,
  • The country that the bank you will be transferring foreign currency to is located in, and the first letter of this bank.

The first three letters of the city that the bank/branch that you will be transferring foreign currency to is located in.
If you know the Swift code of the bank that you will be transferring money to, instead of the all these information, you can enter this code. The Bank Swift codes consist of 11 digits. If the Swift Code contains less than 11 digits, you need to create an 11-digit code by adding the letter X to the end of the code.
After making these entries, the bank branches that fit the criteria you have entered and registered in the SWIFT system will be listed. If the bank that you want to transfer foreign currency to is not on this list, you have to go to your branch to perform your transaction. If you place your foreign currency (Swift) order until 17:00, the money will arrive at the recipient’s bank account in 2 business days. In orders placed after 17:00, the money will arrive at the recipient’s bank account in 3 business days.

A fee/commission may be deducted by the counterparty bank over the Swift transfer amount you have sent. BITT is included.


Swift Tracking Report

Garanti BBVA Customers are able to trace their SWIFT payment instructions, and have visibility over their payment activity, via Swift Tracking Report.

Bringing great transparency , the Tracking Report provides status updates to all banks involved in any payment chain and allows them to confirm when a payment has been completed. Also, when payment is reached to beneficiary bank, you can clearly see the total amount of fees and deductions during transaction.

To perform end-to-end tracking, apply the Tracking Report on Internet Banking.

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