Note Payments


Making your Note Payments through Internet Banking is easier than ever!

No need to tire yourself out to the branch for your note payment transactions. Through Internet Banking, you can easily make note payments on your own or someone else’s behalf.

Note Payment On Your Own Behalf:

You can list your own promissory notes through the Corporate/Personal Internet Banking, Accounts/Products step or Payments step, and make the payments of your notes in “Pending Collection” status through the same step.
In cases when you make payment for your own notes, you can get the original of the note by visiting the branch holding your note, or submit a request through Internet Banking to pick up your note from another branch.

Note Payment On Someone Else’s Behalf

You can make the payment for someone else’s notes through the Corporate/Personal Internet Banking Payments step. You can conduct a query for the notes you want to pay in two different ways:

  • Query by note reference number and due date
  • Query by TC Identification No / Tax Identification No and due date

In cases when you make payment for someone else’s note, the note debtor can get the original of the note from the branch holding the note.
If you wish you can also perform your note payment transactions through ATMs. For detailed information about ATM Transactions, please click here.

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