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Is your web browser up-to-date?

About Browsers

To take advantage of Internet Banking services effectively, using up-to-date browsers is extremely important. Having an out-of-date browser may cause problems when using Internet Banking.

You can log in to Internet Banking with all browsers that comply with valid and up-to-date security standards without any problems, and perform all your banking transactions quickly and easily.

* Therefore, if you are using old version, please update your browser through the official website of the relevant software provider.

Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer version 8, 9, and 10 as of January 12. We recommend you to immediately update the version of your browser by clicking the link below.

You can find out the version you are using through the “About” link under the “Help” menu of your browser

  • For the Microsoft Internet Explorer official website, click here.
  • For the Mozilla Firefox official website, click here.
  • For the Apple Safari official website, click here.
  • For the Opera official website, click here.
  • For the Google Chrome official website, click here.

About Main Menu

You can download Adobe Flash Player, which you must have on your computer in order to use more smoothly, for free through this link.

If you are still experiencing problems despite having installed Flash Player, you can check your Flash program with the link below. If you cannot see the text “Flash Settings are Correct” on the page that comes up, there may be a problem with your Flash program and may have to install it again. To install Flash Player for free, click here.

  • To test Flash, click here.
  • To download the free Flash Player, click here.

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