Turkcell Mobile Signature


Enhance your security on Internet/Mobile Banking with Mobile Signature.

By using Turkcell Mobile Signature, you can easily log on to Internet/Mobile Banking and quickly perform your transactions.

  • You can submit your Turkcell Mobile Signature application through the Settings menu, Mobile Signature step on Internet Banking.
  • Upon your approval, your PIN request is transmitted to the Turkcell Mobile Signature system.
  • On the Mobile Signature application page, your name, last name, TC identity number, place of birth and date of birth which are available in our bank’s records are automatically displayed and you are asked to select one of your Turkcell lines* registered with our bank to use with your Mobile Signature.
  • If you are not a Turkish citizen, you need to enter your passport number.
  • Upon pressing the “Proceed” button on this page, your application is transmitted to the Turkcell Mobile Signature system.
  • After submitting your Mobile Signature application through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, you can complete your application by going to a Turkcell Extra with your identity card.
  • The application that you have made through Internet Banking will be valid for 30 days. You must apply to a Turkcell Extra with your driver’s license, identity card, attorney identification card or passport within this period. As your SIM card will be renewed when the electronic certificate necessary for you to use your Mobile Signature is being loaded on your mobile phone, the registered owner of the line must personally perform this transaction or give procuration to the person who will be performing the transaction.
  • Garanti BBVA, after transmitting your application to the Turkcell Mobile Signature system, will not follow up on the application process and will not inform you. You can get information about the status of your application from Turkcell Customer Services.
  • Upon the approval of your PIN request and the transmission to the Mobile Signature system, you can contact Turkcell Customer Services (444 0 532 / 444 0 535) for your questions and problems.

*If you do not have a Turkcell mobile phone number registered in our system, you can register your mobile phone number through any Paramatik or Garanti BBVA Branch.

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Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • What do I need to do in order to begin using my Mobile Signature on the Garanti BBVA Internet Banking?

    First of all, you have to submit an application by logging on to Internet Banking and going to the Dashboard Settings step PIN / Password section Definition for Quick Loign with Mobile Signature. Find out more

  • How can I log on to Internet Banking using only my Mobile Signature?

    On the Internet Banking page, by changing the settings on the Mobile Signature section of the Dashboard Settings step, you can begin logging on to Internet Banking using your Mobile Signature. Find out more