Money Bonus Bonus

Money Bonus is the biggest invention after cash


Money Bonus is a brand-new credit card that earns both bonus and money, makes your shopping easier and offers bonus privileges at all Bonus merchant partners!

With Money Visa, you can have  benefit from exclusive advantages and purchase many products at discounted prices when shopping at Migros, 5M Migros and Macrocenter stores.

You can apply for a Money Bonus at any Garanti BBVA branch.

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  • Features and Benefits

    • With Money Bonus, you earn money on purchases you make from Money Bonus ile Migros, 5M Migros, Macrocenter stores.
    • You get discounts on products that you purchase from these stores with your Money Bonus.
    • If you become one of the lucky customers when shopping from these stores, Money Bonus refunds you for your purchase and you can enjoy free shopping.
    • Your Money Bonus is also a Bonus. You can take advantage of all Bonus campaigns, layaway shopping and extra bonus opportunities at all Bonus merchant partners. In short, you can benefit from all Bonus privileges with this card as well.
  • Rates and Fees

    Product Annual Membership Fee* Supplementary Card Annual Membership Fee* Shopping Interest** Overdue Interest** Cash Advance Interest Cash Advance Fee Over-the -limit Interest
    Money Card158,50 TL79,00 TL% 1,79% 2,09% 1,79% 1,00 + 0,00 TL (minimum 0,00 TL)% 1,79
    Money Gold Card184,50 TL92,00 TL% 1,79% 2,09% 1,79% 1,00 + 0,00 TL (minimum 0,00 TL)% 1,79
    Money Platinum Card207,50 TL103,50 TL% 1,79% 2,09% 1,79% 1,00 + 0,00 TL (minimum 0,00 TL)% 1,79

    Last Update : 21/01/2021 18:24

    KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) and BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax), collected in accordance with the law, are 15% and 5% respectively.

    * No annual membership fee is charged for the first year.
    ** The shopping interest is the interest rate that will be applied to your remaining period balance. The overdue interest is the maximum net monthly interest rate determined by TCMB that will be applied only to the unpaid portion of your minimum payment amount if you pay less than the minimum payment amount of your period balance.

  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    Can I get information about the Money Visa campaigns and checks? Can I see the privileges I have earned on my statement?

    You can keep track of Money Visa campaigns through in-store announcements, inserts and our internet website.

    Find out moreHow can I pay my credit card debt automatically?

    You can place an order for the credit card payment to be collected from your account.

    Find out moreHow does the limit of my supplementary card determined? Can I lower its limit?

    The supplementary cards and main card have joint limits. The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the main card holder at the time of application.

    Find out moreHow Can I Define Garanti BBVA Internet Banking?

    If you have a valid Garanti Credit Card or Paracard, it can be defined through, 444 0 333 Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center or Garanti BBVA ATM. If you do not have valid mentioned products, it can also be defined via our branches.

    Find out more

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