Working Environment

Working EnvironmentCreate your success story at Garanti BBVA.

Satisfaction at Garanti BBVA is of great importance.

  • Everyone at Garanti BBVA is the leader of his/her job. They take initiatives and make their own decisions.
  • Being an equal opportunity employer in every aspect from selection to training programs, Garanti BBVA respects the different knowledge and skills possessed by its employees and supports these differences.  
  • Open communication is always encouraged.
  • Intranet, created as an “internal internet website”, is a bank-wide communication platform.
  • The “Managers Meeting” where our managers assess the past year and determine the objectives of the next, and the “Vision Meeting” directed by the CEO and organized regionally to be attended by all employees are regularly held every year. In this meeting, employees can directly communicate with the CEO about their problems in every subject except personal rights.
  • Garanti BBVA is open to suggestions: Suggestions are received and considered in all development areas. The bank-wide smoking ban has came into effect through this system.
  • According to the 1999 and 2002 results of the “Employee Satisfaction Survey” conducted by an independent research company with the participation of all employees, the level of sense of belonging towards the bank was above the averages in Turkey.
  • To serve mutual external clients, the units and branches within the institution receive services from each other. The “Internal Customer Satisfaction” survey which evaluates the quality of these services is conducted every year.

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

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