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Management TraineeCreate your success story at Garanti BBVA.

Want to join the Garanti BBVA Family?

“I studied engineering, I like working with numbers and I believe that I have strong analytical skills. Which career opportunities at your bank are suitable for me?”

“What are the possible job offerings besides the ones available at the branches?”

“The bank’s Headquarters has many units. I want to specialize in one of the units at the bank. Which unit is the most suitable one for me?”

If you want to specialize in one of the units at our bank using your analytical thinking skills and your academic background, you can apply for our Management Trainee program.

How to Apply

To be considered for the Management Trainee program, held once a year, all you have to do is to create a CV on Garanti BBVA Career and apply online to our posting, published every April.

Required Qualifications

  • 4-year university graduate from a formal education institution, preferably from the Administrative Sciences or Engineering Faculties, or student in a post-graduate program,
  • Under the age of 27,
  • Excellent command of English language,
  • For male applicants, completion of military service, or 1-year deferment,
  • Adaptation to intense work pace and flexible working hours,
  • Analytical and fast thinking, capability to take initiatives and willingness to work with numbers.
  • The Recruiting Units and Their Functions


The main responsibility of this unit is to put together the necessary sales and marketing strategies and to make sure that the right products are presented to our customers at the right time. The unit carries out studies on product development and market research and brings forth new proposals by considering the complaints and demands regarding the products and services. Furthermore, It performs analysis aimed at increasing the depth of customer relations in order to retain our current customers and gain new ones.

The units in the marketing business family are divided into certain lines of business with respect to their customer volumes. Gaining new customers for our bank, increasing the use of our current products and directing the customers towards the active distribution channels are among the responsibilities of the marketing business family. Determining the pricing standards of the products presented to the customers and monitoring the market expectations and related issues to develop the appropriate strategies are the top priorities of the marketing business family. It also creates the strategies and carries out the design and advertising studies for the alternative distribution channels (Paramatik, Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center, Internet) of our bank. In addition, carrying out the promotion and advertising work for the entire banking operations is also among the tasks of this business family. 


Along with the relevant marketing unit, this unit determines the customer segmentation strategies and resolves the problems and ambiguities regarding the division of business lines by monitoring the customers in these segments. By measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of our bank’s branch and Paramatik network, It decides whether or not opening up, closing or modification of branches is necessary. It also determines our bank’s “Customer Relations Management” strategies. In this extent, it develops loyalty programs by conducting analyses on gaining new customers and sustaining the current ones.

Furthermore, coordinating our bank’s sales operations and planning the scope of these operations is the most important duty of this unit. 


In line with the sectoral developments, customer needs and changing market conditions, this unit organizes the Product Development Strategies for Garanti BBVA. In parallel with the developments in the sector, it keeps track of the new products offered in Turkey and other countries and examines their applicability for our bank. In line with the Product Development Strategies, the unit is mainly responsible for developing ideas for new products, assessing the internal and external demands along with the concerned Marketing Directorates, and conduct work on the ones that are deemed suitable.  


At our bank, the marketing directorate is divided into business lines with respect to customer volume. The main objective of all business lines is to develop sales and marketing strategies aimed at presenting the right products to the right customers, through the right channels at the right time. This directorate determines the pricing criteria for all the products presented to the customers and, along with Customer Relations Management and Marketing and Product Development Directorates, coordinates the new product development, pricing and advertising activities intended for all Branchless Banking channels and customer needs.

The lines of business of the Marketing Directorate:

  • Retail Banking Marketing Directorate
  • Private Banking Marketing Directorate
  • Commercial Banking Marketing Directorate
  • Corporate Banking Coordination Directorate
  • SME Marketing Directorate


The main priority of the unit is to develop and execute product marketing strategies via Garanti’s “Branchless Banking” channels (Paramatik, Garanti BBVA Customer Communication Center. Internet Banking etc.), and to regularly monitor the performance of these channels. Along with the relavant Marketing Directorate, it develops new customer acquisition projects and sales campaigns that can be carried out via these channels. Along with Customer Relations Management and Marketing and Product Development Directorate, it coordinates the new product development, pricing and advertising activities intended for all Branchless Banking channels and customer needs.  


This unit carries out the advertising and promotion activities for all our products and services.

Considering the demands put forth by the other units, it gives briefings for the agencies and provides creative guidance. Giving insight into the budget of the promotion campaigns and makings plans and carrying out activities to ensure that the advertising campaigns are executed smoothly are also among the tasks of this unit.  


The treasury is responsible for the management of the bank’s balance sheet against the risks incurred. It also manages our bank’s monetary resources, deals with market pricing on behalf of our bank and conducts activities aimed at increasing the profitability of our bank by performing purchases and sales of market products. The treasury  regularly monitors the economic and market data, informs our customers and develops specialized products for them.

In addition, it conducts financial analyses to manage the bank’s balance sheet efficiently, measures the risks that may arise, and regularly carries out researches to develop the most suitable products for our bank.  

Active – Passive Management Directorate

This unit is responsible for the efective management of the bank’s balance sheet against the risks incurred.

Treasury Marketing and Financial Solutions Directorate

Treasury Marketing and Financial Resolutions Directorate’s task is to make daily market reviews on financial markets, prepare market and economic data and inform the branches, customers etc. regarding these developments. It assesses the customer needs, develops exclusive products for the customers and sets the price of these products with respect to the level of demand. 

Treasury Directorate

In accordance with the risk management principles, this unit manages the TL and foreign currency securities portfolio and performs activities aimed at increasing the profitability of our bank by making sales and purchases within certain limits.  

Derivative Products Directorate

This units determines and develops adequate structural products in order to increase the bank’s profitability and effectively manage the balance sheet. It conducts the financial analysis of the offers regarding these products and performs their price-profit calculations. It monitors the market dynamics regularly and calculates the risks regarding the products.  


The audit business family is responsible for auditing all transactions that are carried out by our bank and making sure that they’re in line with our bank’s goals, policies and procedures. It is also in charge of establishing control systems to enable the secure execution of risky operations. Another task of this family is to examine, via control systems, all operations conducted by our bank and check if they’re in compliance with the legal regulations and our bank’s standards, and analyze the reports prepared as a result of these examinations. For the purpose of building a better control mechanism, it also makes suggestions to develop new control systems when necessary. The definition of the market risk within the framework of the principles determined by our bank, monitoring of the relevant operations and decision making activities are conducted by this business family as well. 

Inspection Committee Directorate

The Inspection Committee Directorate has the authority to independently examine, monitor and report our bank’s daily operations and control whether they’re in compliance with the bank’s principles and regulations. The mission of the Inspection Committee Directorate is to minimize the operational risks for our bank and for it’s associates. The committee performs its duty by conducting inspections, investigations and examinations with risk-oriented auditing mentality.

The recruitment for the Inspection Committee will be evaluated within the scope of the deputy Assistant Inspector recruitment program. 

Internal Control Center

This unit is in charge of designing and executing internal control systems and standards to ensure that the risky operations in our bank are carried out in a safe manner. Monitoring all internal operations to see whether they fit these standards and preparing reports and making suggestions are   among the main responsibilities of the unit as well. 

Risk Management Directorate

Risk Management ensures that the risk management systems are set up throughout the bank and that these models are used in a manner that would maximize the capital value. Measuring and foreseeing the bank’s potential losses in the face of worst-case scenario’s is also a task of this unit. Furthermore, using various resources, Risk Management Directorate regularly keeps track of up-to-date risk analysis methods and conducts risk model analysis. 

Secure Operations Unit

It ensures that suspicious operations are detected. Once a suspicious operation is detected, it carries out the necessary research, and if the problem is confirmed, the unit transfers the case to the relevant authorities so that an investigation can be carried out.  


The loans business family is responsible for loan management, risk assessment and loan tracking, within the framework of our bank’s Loans Culture And Policies. During the loaning process, the unit is in charge of respectively examining, assessing and tracking the loan applications. It carries out activities regarding the the risks that may arise in the process of loaning, as well as on the the effects of these risks. By making use of both internal and external resources, it regularly follows the trends and the economic, political, social and legal developments in the sector, and performs analysis on the customers (sector, corporation, individual) who apply for loans. It examines the problematic loans and their risks and takes the necessary actions. It takes the necessary precautions regarding the collection of these loans and passes the unresolved loan cases to the Legal Directorate. Tracking the loaning process from beginning to end is crucial to ensure healthy completion of this process.  


Our bank assesses the loan applications by conducting customer and loan risk analysis. It tracks the loans in order to ensure that the  approved loaning processes are finalized free of problems. The loans that do become problematic are transferred to the concerned loan risk tracking  directorates. The loan directorates are divided into three with respect to customer size.

  • Consumer Loans Directorate
  • Commercial and Corporate Loans Directorate
  • SME Loans Directorate
  • Project Finance Directorate

This unit determines the necessities for the financing of the projects in our country and carries out financial models and marketing operations devoted to these projects. In addition, it prepares the analysis and projections necessary for the assessment of these projects. Aside from the loans issued by our bank, the unit also mediates the loans used by correspondent banks and consults them regarding these loans.  

Risk Tracking Directorate

This unit examines and assesses the problematic loans issued for the relevant customers and prepares an action plan. It tracks the risks and developments regarding these customers and monitors whether the credits are compatible with the payment plan. It also tracks the customers’ payment performance. In cases where the problem cannot be resolved through administrative means, it transfers the loan file to the Legal Directorate in order to proceed with the necessary legal action.

The Risk Tracking Directorate is divided with respect to customer size in the following manner;

  • Consumer Products Risk Tracking Directorate
  • Commercial Products Risk Tracking Directorate


The Human Resources Business Family manages the human resource within our bank, provides career counseling for the employees, develops and implements systems regarding career development. Developing and materializing performance evaluation and salary payment systems for our employees, processing their personal rights and paying their salaries are among the responsibilities of this business family as well. It also determines the employees self- improvement needs and ensures that they get the necessary training.

Additionally, it makes organizational revisions in line with our bank’s strategies, performs personnel recruitment activities in line with our bank’s needs, designs new processes to improve bank efficiency and improves the existing processes. 

Human Resources Directorate

This unit manages the human resource within the bank and designs and executes projects aimed at improving the human resources applications. It carries out studies on salary payment and career development of our employees. Besides carrying out the recruitment activities, it also deals with the allocation, appointment, promotion and reassignment of the employees. In addition, it processes the employees personal rights, performs their payments and provides payroll services.  

Training Directorate

Determining the training needs of the employees, making changes on the training design in line with the needs of the bank and scheduling annual training programs are among the tasks of our Training Directorate. Additionally, improving the training tools, revising the contents of the training program with regards to the needs of the bank and evaluating the training programs are also among the responsibilities of this directorate.  

Organization and Process Development

This unit makes organizational arrangements and revisions with regards to our bank’s strategies and necessities. To provide a better service for our customers, it develops the necessary models on working arrangements. It also carries out activities and develops designs to make our bank’s current processes more efficient.  

Training Program

The personal improvement and training of each employee at Garanti BBVA is very important for us. Starting from day one, our bank encourages the employees to get the necessary trainings. The applicants who are recruited are included in a long and enjoyable training program on the basics of banking, in which they can learn about banking thoroughly.

Following the theoretical training programs, applicants  participate in a short trainee program at the units and branches that they will be working, during which they familiarize themselves with the bank’s structure. Once the trainee program is over, the applicants are assigned to the units where they will be working.  

Career Paths

After the training program, the applicants are appointed as authorized employees in their units. From then on, depending on their performance and the necessities of the bank, career paths reaching senior executive positions at the same or different units and branches await them.