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        Garanti BBVA eTrader

        Investing is now much easier with the smart solutions offered by Garanti BBVA eTrader!

        Garanti BBVA eTrader has been completely renewed from end to end! 

        Enhanced features that will elevate your investment strategies to the next level, a user-friendly interface, and powerful tools for better customization are now available on the eTrader app. eTrader is an advanced online trading platform offered by Garanti BBVA Yatırım to investors.

        With Garanti BBVA eTrader, you can live track VİOP, Borsa İstanbul Stock Market, and international markets, and easily access many investment instruments such as stock tracking analysis, warrant calculation, and stock and warrant trading. It takes your investment experience to the next level with its redesigned interface and advanced features. To monitor BIST, VİOP, and international markets, execute buy-sell transactions, set price and news alerts for instant updates, you can log in immediately with your Garanti BBVA Mobile / Internet credentials.

        You can download the Garanti BBVA eTrader mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

        App Store

        Google Play Store

        • Mobile Application Features

          • Portfolio Management: Manage your investments through a platform where you can easily monitor and analyze your returns and risks in detail. You can organize your watchlists on a single screen, create new lists, and customize the arrangement of modules according to your preferences. Track the markets and see the real-time performance of your portfolio.
          • Customizable Watchlist: Gather stocks of interest into a single list to track real-time price changes, take notes on symbols to develop your investment strategy. You can create up to 5 different watchlists with 150 symbols each. Customize list names, add indicators showing the lowest and highest buying and selling volumes on the watchlist, and enjoy a comfortable monitoring experience with real symbol logos.
          • TradingView Integration: Introducing TradingView's most advanced product, TradingView Pro Charts and Trading Platform, to help you advance in the investment world. This version offers the licensed version of TradingView for free with the new eTrader! Additionally, there is a Free Advanced Chart solution offering many additional tools and functionalities to enhance your trading experience.
          • F-Ray Fundamental Analysis Module: Deeply analyze fundamental measurements of stocks such as profitability, indebtedness, and efficiency with the F-Ray Fundamental Analysis Module. F-Ray is a next-generation stock analysis platform that evaluates the financial performance of publicly traded companies using visualization techniques and machine-learning-supported algorithms.
          • Expert Recommendations and Analysis: Under the Ideas menu, access research reports prepared by our expert research team, buy/sell recommendations, model portfolios, ready-made analyses, and content that contributes to your financial knowledge.
          • Academy Content: Our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level content under categories such as Stock Market Terminology, Fundamental Analysis, and Technical Analysis aim to enhance your understanding of the investment market and improve your financial literacy.
        • Web Application Features

          Garanti BBVA eTrader web has been renewed! Highlights of the new version;

          • With the renewed interface and application page, you can access pop-out windows, multi-screen monitoring, light and dark theme options. For example, you can open and follow the market depth of multiple symbols on your screen.
          • Placing orders on Borsa Istanbul Exchange is now even easier with the improved ordering experience and new portfolio view. By adding market depth , last transactions and financial information to the order screens, we have made it possible for you to access detailed information at the time of order.
          • You can reach enriched watch list functions - modular structure and easy action of the symbol with right click feature, variation of columns and sorting within the column (highest-lowest).
          • With the improvement in the graphic infrastructure, you can add new technical analysis functions and save your analyses differently.
          • With the changing portfolio view, you can quickly switch accounts at the bottom of the application, and if you wish, you can follow the pop-up portfolio structure in a different window.