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        Smart Saving Account

        Turn your savings into funds with regular payments.

        SMART Saving Account allows you to make regular investments with SMART Funds. You can build your long-term investment portfolio step by step with SMART Funds that invest in a wide range of assets such as stock exchanges and bond markets of Turkey, Europe, US, and developing countries, foreign exchange-traded funds, gold, and other precious metals thanks to its diversified asset investment strategy. You can start making regular investments with your Garanti BBVA credit card or your TL Current Account as soon as your SMART Saving Account is opened.

        You can open your SMART Saving Account with no effort via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking or the nearest Garanti BBVA branch.

        • Features

          • A SMART Fund of your selection (SMART Cautious / SMART Balanced / SMART Growth) is bought with the regular payments you will make.
          • The minimum monthly payment amount in SMART Saving Account is 100 TL.
          • You can use your TL Current Account or give an automatic payment order for your credit card to purchase funds regularly within the scope of your SMART Saving Account.
          • In payments from TL Current Account, the transaction is performed over the fund price at the date of the collection while the fund price on the last payment date of card debt is taken into account in payments with a credit card. In both payment methods, the highest number of funds that can be purchased with the relevant payment amount on the concerned date is bought. The difference between the payment amount and total fund price is reimbursed to either your account or your card.
          • Payments with a credit card are processed on the basis of cutoff date; the monthly payment amount is blocked by SMART Saving Account after getting authorization from the card, and then funds are bought on the last payment date.
          • It is possible to make changes not only as to the payment instrument and saving amount but also the SMART Fund type (Cautious / Balanced / Growth) to be purchased for saving purposes via Garanti BBVA branches at any time after account opening.