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        Save As You Spend Account

        Spend and save at the same time with your credit card...

        If you enjoy spending what you earn but also worry about not saving money and so wish to regularly save money, then Spend and Save is just for you.

        • With Spend and Save, you can transfer a certain amount of saving to be calculated over your credit card expenditures to your Easy Saving account every month. You can track your saving amount from your credit card extract and pay it with no effort.
        • You can easily define the Spend and Save rule under the Smart Transactions option within the Transactions menu on Garanti BBVA Mobile.
        • Features

          • You can define the Spend and Save rule to your Goal Tracker or existing Easy Saving accounts later on.
          • You can determine the saving amount to be 1%, 5%, 10%, or 20% of your credit card expenditures. Additionally, you can set an upper limit for the amount to be transferred from your card by defining a maximum saving amount.
          • The saving amount determined within the scope of Spend and Save is reflected as a shopping item in your credit card extract. The saving amount is transferred to your saving account on the last payment date of your card debt and starts increasing in value with daily interest.
          • The saving amount can only be collected if your card's limit is sufficient. Partial collection is not performed. It does not lead to an instance of limit excess on your card.
          • In order for the Spend and Save rule to be applied, the total amount of expenditures within the relevant month should at least be 100 TL.
          • Holders of the principal card are solely eligible to place a Spend and Save order. The Spend and Save rule cannot be defined for supplementary cards.
          • It is not possible to earn rewards (bonuses/miles/MR) from Spend and Save transactions.
          • Example: If you determined the saving amount as 10% and the credit card extract shows 100 TL was spent during the relevant month, then the saving with the Spend and Save rule is calculated as 10 TL, hence the total credit card debt of 110 TL. Your saving amount of 10 TL is transferred to your saving account on the payment due date of your credit card.
          • If a card's minimum payment amount was not paid in the previous period, then the Spend and Save rule is not applicable in the following period.
          • With Spend and Save, you can also contribute to the savings of your family members, children, and grandchildren. All you need to do for this is to select Easy Saving Accounts of those whom you wish to support via Garanti BBVA Internet or our branches, and then place a Spend and Save order targeted at this account.