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        Easy Saving Account

        Have some funds set aside.

        Do you wish to save some money but you fail at realizing it? Save freely as you wish with Easy Saving Account.

        • Easy Saving Account enables you to save regularly or irregularly and to stay motivated at all times by setting a saving goal for yourself.
        • You can access your account at any time via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, ATMs, or branches, and thus deposit money and withdraw funds in times of need.
        • You can make your regular payments with your credit card, thereby turning your credit card into a means to save.
        • Features

          • You can save money in TL on your Easy Saving Account.
          • The minimum monthly saving amount is 75 TL.
          • Whenever you want, you can deposit money to your account via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, ATMs, and branches on the condition that the minimum amount is 50 TL.
          • If you already have some savings, you can transfer them as "opening amount" to your Easy Saving Account while opening it or you can also open your account without depositing any money at the time of account opening.
          • In times of need, you can withdraw cash via Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, ATMs, or branches without having to close your account or losing your already earned income.
          • If you deposit money to your account as much as the saving amount you determined and you do not withdraw any funds from your account throughout your defined regular saving dates, you benefit from an additional interest yield on top of your already earned income for the relevant saving period.
          • You can change your regular saving amount as many times as you wish without making it lower than the minimum saving amount.
          • If your regular saving amount is not deposited, your account will not be closed and will continue to earn yield. Only, you do not get to benefit from the additional interest yield.