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        Garanti BBVA Leasing

        Create investing solutions that suit your cash flow with Garanti BBVA Leasing.

        Create investing solutions that suit your cash flow with Garanti BBVA Leasing.

        Garanti BBVA Leasing offers alternative financing solutions that are in accordance with its customers' cash flow and provide a 1% VAT opportunity for many machines when customers want to buy machines or equipment for their needs. Managing the purchase, sale, import, registration, insurance, and payment processes of the machines you will buy, Garanti BBVA Leasing facilitates your business and ensures that you implement your investment plans under proper conditions.

        All companies wishing to own machines or equipment subject to leasing may benefit from special solutions and services of Garanti BBVA Leasing.
        To learn about and apply to receive exclusive services by Garanti BBVA Leasing:


        Phone: 444 33 45

        Web Site:

        • What Can Be Leased?

          Practically all kinds of depreciable machinery and equipment can be leased.

        • What Are The Advantages?

          • Keep your cash

          We will buy the equipment you need for you. You keep your cash. Then, you can get the equipment you need by paying in installments.

          • Your credit limits are not affected

          You do not use your credit limits by purchasing your equipment through leasing.

          • Your payments remain fixed

          Your payment plan conditions in the contract are valid until the expiration date, When you finance your investments with leasing, you can easily plan your cash flow by taking advantage of the fact that your payments are fixed.

          • Enjoy medium- and long-term installments

          With Garanti BBVA Leasing, you can purchase the equipment you need in convenient medium- and long-term installments..

          • Determine the currency of your installments

          You can make your leasing payments in Turkish Lira or by taking advantage of the exceptions within the framework of Law No. 32. you can request the payment in USD or EURO.

          • 1% VAT Advantage

          With leasing financing, you can realize your many new machinery investments with 1% instead of 8-18% VAT. At the same time, you can benefit from all the other advantages of leasing.

          • Benefit from our operational convenience

          Buy your equipment with Leasing. We will carry out all operational processes such as purchasing, import and insurance for you. We will provide you with consultancy services regarding the legislation on purchasing and insurance processes throughout the contract period.

          • Determine the contract period

          Determine the contract period and maturity.

          • Fast results with Garanti BBVA Leasing

          You will get the fastest results in your credit evaluation thanks to our staff of experts and superior technological infrastructure. You will have the equipment you need as quickly as possible.

        How the Leasing Process Works

        Decide on your investment and we will offer you payment plan alternatives suitable for your cash flow according to your investment decision.

        Let's sign the financial leasing contract after the leasing limit allocated quickly on the payment plan you have decided.

        After the signed contract, all purchasing processes related to the equipment are managed by us. Our expert team will support you in all operational processes such as incentives, imports, customs, etc. You will receive your equipment after these processes are completed.

        The transfer of ownership of the equipment is carried out when you pay the ownership transfer fee at the end of the payment schedule.