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        Garanti BBVA Fleet

        Enjoy the operational conveniences brought by fleet leasing.

        Fleet leasing is the best and safest way of using a vehicle with peace of mind and without burdening yourself with the purchasing cost.

        With Garanti BBVA Fleet providing long-term rent-a-car services to companies and individual customers of all sizes from SMEs to corporate enterprises for all brands and models of passenger vehicles sold in Turkey, you can also benefit from fleet management services for companies' own vehicles such as monthly usage reports, traffic ticket management, and OGS management, in addition to car rental services.
        If you also wish to benefit from these services and the advantages offered by Garanti BBVA Fleet, you can visit the nearest Garanti BBVA branch or Garanti BBVA Fleet Headquarters.
        Telephone: 0212 365 31 00

        • Features

          Periodic Maintenance Service
          Periodic maintenance service is included in the leasing agreement. All you need to do is to call Garanti BBVA Fleet when your vehicles' periodic maintenance is due. Garanti BBVA Fleet carries out all periodic maintenance and repair procedures at authorized service centers of brands to guarantee vehicle safety.

          Original Spare Parts Usage
          Garanti BBVA Fleet cares about preserving driving safety in the vehicles you use. Therefore, Garanti BBVA Fleet ensures that original spare parts are employed in all maintenance and repair procedures at authorized service centers.

          Damage Management and 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line
          Garanti BBVA Fleet is in charge of damage management for vehicles you rent via Garanti BBVA Fleet. In case of damages or emergencies, you can call the 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line at 444 1 439 to benefit from services such as towing, rescue, accommodation if needed, continuation of travel, and medical assistance.

          Replacement Vehicle Service
          You take advantage of the replacement vehicle service if the maintenance and repair of your vehicle won't be completed within the same day. At Garanti BBVA Fleet, the replacement vehicle services are offered nationwide with the equivalents of the leased vehicles.

          Tire Change Service
          Garanti BBVA Fleet only uses tires that comply with the technical specifications of your vehicles and are manufactured by reliable brands. For each rented vehicle, tire change is performed with one set (incl. 4 tires) of all-season tires every 50,000 km. Throughout the leasing period, the customer is provided a set (incl. 4 tires) of winter tires. Tire change is carried out at the nearest authorized tire dealer, and benefiting from the tire hotel service to store your tires under proper conditions is possible.

          Garanti BBVA Fleet Assurance
          Thanks to its financial strength, Garanti BBVA Fleet does not establish a pledge on the vehicles rented by you or assign your rent payments to banks as surety.
          Continuous Motor Own Damage Assurance
          Continuous full motor own damage protection is offered through a single policy covering the lease period and specific to each vehicle you rent via Garanti BBVA Fleet.

          Additional Cover
          With Voluntary Fiscal Liability Insurance, Garanti BBVA Fleet also covers possible financial and physical damages to third parties.

          Effortless Fleet Management
          When you rent your cars from Garanti BBVA Fleet, you don't need additional human resources to manage your fleet. Garanti BBVA Fleet takes care of all operational procedures related to your car for you. During your lease period, it monitors your vehicle inspection dates and informs you when it is due. It keeps track of Mandatory Traffic Insurance for your vehicles and shares the relevant documents with you by completing the insurance procedures. If you wish, you can also receive door-to-door service as an additional facility.

        • Advantages

          When you decide to buy a vehicle, you have to make a lump-sum payment or take out a loan for the cash you need. But there is more to it. The car you purchase comes with additional costs such as insurance, tax, maintenance, repair, and tire change. Moreover, the uncertainty of the second-hand sale value of your car will be a risk element for you.
          If you go for a long-term car rental, on the other hand, the total cost will only be as much as the monthly rent. What's more, you will both be protected against the risk of the uncertainty of the second-hand sale value of your car and effortlessly carry out all the procedures from the purchase to the second-hand sale of your car. When you also consider the cost-effective additional services you will receive within the scope of leasing, long-term car rental will be a more advantageous solution for you in comparison to purchasing.

          Easy Vehicle Renewal
          In the case of vehicle renewal, you don't have to deal with the sale procedures and will have full protection against the risk of resale value change.

          Fixed Monthly Payments
          If you rent your vehicle instead of buying it, you don't have to make any down payment and suffer a lump sum cash outflow for expenses related to purchase-sale procedures. You will just pay pre-determined fixed rents.

          Motor Own Damage, Insurance, and Motor Vehicles Tax Payments
          Rental vehicles' motor own damage, traffic insurance, and motor vehicles tax expenditures are included in the leasing agreement, and these are all paid by us in a timely manner. Motor Vehicles Tax that you have to pay when you buy a car and that, as per the applicable law, is not deductible from the tax payable by your company will no longer be an extra burden on your company if you rent your vehicles from us.

          VAT Advantage
          When you buy a car, VAT is a cost item to be considered and cannot be deducted from the VAT payable by your company. In the case of renting, on the other hand, the VAT on the invoice is completely deductible.

          Powerful Balance Sheet
          Renting cars contributes positively to the outlook of your balance sheet. Unlike purchasing vehicles with a bank loan, monthly rent amounts that are included in the payment scheme of your company and are not due yet are not recorded under the financial liabilities section on your balance sheet and do not negatively impact your borrowing capacity.

          Time Management
          Do not lose time trying to meet your vehicle needs and manage your fleet. Fleet leasing saves you a lot of time and supports your concentration and focus on your main line of business.