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        Garanti BBVA Factoring

        Don't worry about receiving the payment when you sell your product.

        Factoring is a financial product where a factoring company purchases and takes over a firm's receivables from domestic and international products and services sales on credit, and provides one or more of financing, guarantee, and collection services.

        • Features

          Are your domestic market sales payable on a deferred payment basis?
          With our financing service, you can turn your invoiced trade receivables into cash without waiting for the payment due date.
          You completed the sale procedure, issued the invoice, and got a check from your customer. The competition in the market requires you to offer longer terms to your customers, hence the increase in your financing needs.
          In this case, we, as Garanti BBVA Factoring, purchase and take over the checks and the invoiced receivables arising from your sales and offer you a swift and easy financing option in 30 minutes in order to help you fulfill your need for funds.

          You thus create the fastest financing solution for yourself by using your trade receivables and without needing any other surety and use the funds that you provide with reasonable conditions and superior service from Garanti BBVA Factoring, the leader of the sector, to gain an advantage in your cash purchases.
          With our guarantee service, we undertake and assume your receivables from sales on credit against the risk of non-payment.

          Are you in the export business?
          You want to increase your export volume in foreign markets and acquire new customers. However, importers want to work with you under open account terms and purchase goods on credit. Right at this point where you start questioning your customers' reliability, we stand by your side by guaranteeing the collection of your receivables.
          With our export factoring service, the relevant invoice amounts are insured 100% against the risk of non-payment of your receivables and the financial risk of your buyers within the established limits.
          Through Garanti BBVA Factoring, we perform due diligence work about your buyers, share up-to-date information with you, and thereby enable you to increase your competitiveness in existing markets by entering new markets without risk.

          Moreover, we act as an intermediary to ensure the effective and prompt collection of your receivables no matter the location of your buyer.
          For details, you can reach the nearest Garanti BBVA Factoring representative via 444 12 13 and

        • Advantages

          • With factoring, you can turn your receivables into cash before their due date and increase your working capital.
          • You can provide uninterrupted cash flow into your company and thus respond to the demands of your buyers in a timely manner.
          • You can boost your competitiveness in the market by offering extended maturity to your buyers.
          • If you are exporting against goods, you will have information about the real status of your buyers, thanks to the extensive network of correspondents. What's more, the collection of your receivables shall be ensured if your buyer becomes insolvent or goes bankrupt.
          • You can remove your company's trade receivables from your balance sheet by assigning them to Garanti BBVA Factoring. Thus, the liquidity of your balance sheet increases, thereby changing your ratios in a positive direction.
          • Garanti BBVA Factoring takes care of the collection of your receivables, you focus on your business.
        • Garanti BBVA Factoring Mobile Application

          Download the Garanti BBVA Factoring mobile application and complete your factoring transactions in seconds by practically and safely sending the relevant details to Garanti BBVA Factoring either by scanning the barcode on your invoiced check, of any bank whatsoever, or typing the check information manually.
          With this application, we identify your check's suitability for financing by evaluating it against system-supported solid inquiry criteria and respond to you immediately over the app.
          You can see the contact information of Garanti BBVA Factoring branches through the application and also reach the address of the nearest Garanti BBVA Factoring branch by using the map.
          Download the Garanti BBVA Factoring mobile application now!