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        Garanti BBVA API Store

        What is Garanti BBVA API Store?

        Garanti BBVA API Store is an open source application programming interface store, and it is an API platform that provides companies, software developers, third party applications and startups with the ability to rapidly develop their digital products with the open banking infrastructure. It offers many value-added products and services from payment solutions to account activity information through the easiest and most reliable APIs.

        Our bank provides the opportunity to develop financial and non-financial applications with its infrastructure that can be accessed from Garanti BBVA API Store and opened to all local and foreign software developers around the world. In this way, Garanti BBVA not only provides a more open and transparent banking service to the society, but also creates the opportunity to create new business models, services, and better user experience that can instantly meet the needs of our customers. Garanti BBVA contributes to the growth of the financial technology ecosystem with its API Store and supports the development of innovation.

        Garanti BBVA API Store products and services

        • Electronic statement of account
        • Loan calculator
        • Payment/collection with QR
        • HGS
        • ATM/branch locations
        • CepBank Money Transfer
        • Factoring calculator
        • Fleet calculator
        • Leasing calculator

        Where can I find Garanti BBVA API Store documentation?
        You can access Garanti BBVA API Store documentation via the API portal website.

        Do I need permission to use Garanti BBVA API Store?
        You can start trying Garanti BBVA open APIs by registering simply and quickly from the store page, and you can do your tests on the sandbox environment.