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        Contactless Payment POS

        You can easily receive payment by cards with the contactless payment feature, thereby reducing transaction times and performing faster and problem-free transactions.

        Thanks to contactless payment, you won't have to worry about customers queuing at the cashier, thus having happy customers and reducing your staff's workload.

        With Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards, you, too, can benefit from the advantages of contactless payment technology without having to insert the card into the POS device or ask the customer to sign the receipt and enter the card PIN in transactions up to TL 750.

        For transactions over TL 750, the contactless payment can be made without inserting the card into the POS device, just by entering the card PIN.

        If you see the contactless logo on the card, you can make a contactless transaction. In contactless payment transactions, no additional cost shall be incurred for the Merchant; in transactions with card PIN, relevant POS commission and number of blocked day(s) shall apply.